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                                             "God's Team"

Music stirs the spirit of mankind.  Music reaches where mere words are unable to go.  Hearing a choir as they sing praises unto God can be very moving and touching.  Our youth choir stirs each person on the third Sunday of each month.  The choir sings and the Spirit of God moves in each of us.  With the lively beat of the music we find ourselves singing along with the youth.  Hands are clapping and feet are moving to the beat.  God's Team, under the direction of Sister Conners is very energetic and sincere as they sing.  The youth know they are not singing for the pleasing of the congregation, but for the Praise and Worship of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

As with any group that offers praises to God, lots of practice and time is spent as they rehearse their songs.  When the youth sing in the worship service each member of the congregation can tell the songs are coming from the heart of the kids.  They understand what they are singing about and who they are singing the songs to, God the creator.