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In Matthew Chapter 14: 15 - 21 we have the story of where the crowds had gone out of the cities to listen to Jesus as He spoke.  Evening had come and the crowds were still gathered together and the deciples were concerned about the feeding of the crowd.  Jesus instructed his disciples to feed the crowd.  But all of the food that the disciples could find were five loaves of bread and two fishes.  Jesus instructed the disciples to bring the loaves and fishes to him.  He had the crowds sit down.  Jesus took the five loaves and two fishes, blessed them, gave them back to the disciples and instructed them to feed the crowd.  Everyone ate and was filled, and the left overs were gathered back up together and the took up 12 baskets full.

What an experience that would have been to be in the crowd and be one that was fed by the Master himself.  Jesus took a small amount of food and fed so many. 

Today the Master works in the same way at Wesley United Methodist Church. For the past 12 years the church has been operating an outreach ministry to the neighborhood entitled Feed Our Neighbor.  With only a few volunteers on a weekly basis the program has grown to where it is necessary to run the food pantry for three weekend per month. 

On Thursday mornings volunteers meet at the church to start setting up the pantry and receiving the food that is donated through two of our County food banks, and through several grocery stores.  Usually it takes two full hours of hard work of receiving the food in, storing it, and then stocking all of the shelves where the neighbors will shop for their food.

On the last three Saturdays of the month, the church opens it's doors to the neighborhood as a food pantry.  The hours are from 9 am until 11 am.  During those two hours roughly 120 to 150 families are provided with food enough to last for three days.

Everyone is processed in and are accounted for each time they come to the food pantry.  But only one time per month.

Neighbors check out some of items on shelves before being processed through.

Volunteers prepare for the crowds.

Fresh fruit, and bread are available on a weekly basis along with baked sweets.

God tells us to serve the poor, and from time to time most people will fall into this catagory.  It is a blessing each month to see the faces of the people we serve as we hear what God is doing in their lives.  It is amazing to see how God will take a small group of followers of Christ and will minister to over 600 families per month.  God blesses all in some way.