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Afer nearly 12 years of praying the prayer is answered. 

When Pastor Earley first came to Wesley UM Church she spotted a vacant field behind the church. Apparently some houses use to sit on the property but had been razed.  Tall grass would grow up on the propery during the summer months and eventually be mowed either by the property owner or city.  Pastor Earley at that time saw the possible need for the property, and inquires were made with the property owner.  The owner at that time did not want to sell the property.  But that did not stop the church from praying for the property.  In fact it is stated that some of the church officials stood on the 4 corners and prayed that God would allow them to purchase the property in the future for growth.

After 12 years of praying God answered the prayer.  The property owner was approached again by the Pastor, and she had stated that others had inquired about the property, but would be glad for the church to purchase the property.   

    Pastor Earley and Property owner sign agreement for property.

The following three pictures are of the new property just acquired by the church for future expansion.  God has blessed the

church with the property after praying without ceasing for the acquisition of the property.  Finally God heard and fulfilled the request.