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Prayer is one of the most powerful item Christians have in there grasp.  We are commanded to pray one for another.  To make our request known, not only to God, but to other Christians so they in turn can pray to God the Father asking for His intersection.  If we pray whole heartedly and believe what we pray for will be done, then God will hear our prayers and intercede for us.

Each week prayer request are made known in the worship service and then Christians are asked to come on bended knee and make the request known to God.  Each week this list will change, so weekly this page will be updated with new request and when allowed the answer to the old prayer request will be made known.

If you have a prayer request and desire for others to pray to God asking for Him to have His way, then please feel free to e-mail us and your request will be prayed for.  When the answer to your prayer request is answered by God please write us and let us know the outcome.

                          CURRENT PRAYER REQUEST

John "Woody" Woodward - Physical

Ms. Mary Matthews - Physical

Mr. & Mrs. Livingston - Physical

Mrs. Billie Hodges - Physical

Carmen Matthews - Physical

***All of us have lost love ones, so remember to pray for them by name, calling unto the Lord to have His Holy Spirit to speak to them and to save them.